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Door handle jig »

Simple jig which accurately marks out door and drawer fronts in preparation for fixing handles and knobs
green/black plastic

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Tee Handles nickel plated finish »

Bar handle, . Lengths 136mm - 828mm


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D Handle Matt nickel steel »

D Handle

Matt Nickel steel

Various Lengths

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D handle polish chrome »

D handle

polish chrome

 Various Lengths

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Knob Calcua 40mm »

Bright Chrome cupboard knob

40mm length


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Cupboard Knob 19mm and 25mm dia »


Polished chrome finish  19mm and 25mm dia


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Cupboard Knob 32mm »

polished chrome finish

polish brass finish

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Oval Cupboard knob »

Stainless steel finish

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U Shaped Handle »

U shaped Handle New Modern

Length  60mm  width 60mm

Hole centre 32mm 

Polish Chrome effect or stainless steel effect

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Cupboard Knob 30mm matt nickel »

knob 30mm

matt nickel


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Handle Canelli »

Bright Chrome Finish

Length 164mm

Hole spacing 128mm

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Bow handle Brushed stainlees steel Effects Steel »

Brushed Stainless steel Effect steel

hole centre from  128mm to 256mm

Length of handle from148 mm to 297mm

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Bow handle Polish Chrome Steel »

Polished Chrome steel Lengths 115 mm - 350 mm 106.43.201

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Cage Knob 34mm dia »

Cage Knob

34mm dia

119.47.900 Pewter finish


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T Handle 69mm »

Pewter finish 119.23.900

Black finish 119.23.300

Antique brass 119.23.100

69mm length

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Twister drop Bar handle »

Drop bar handle

180mm length

160mm Hole centre

Antique pewter

Antique brass

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Twister T handle »

Antique pewter finish T handle

Antique brass finish T handle

length 65mm

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Twister Ball knob 30mm »

Twister Ball knob

30mm dia hight 42mm

Zinc alloy 

antique pewter finish or Antique brass finish

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Bar handles Anodised aluminium »

Bar handle, Lengths 156mm - 665mm

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Dimple Effect Bow Handle »

Length 126 mm and 158 mm nickel finish polished chrome finish stainless steel effect finish 101.69.601

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