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Lid stay, with plastic catch housing »

• Screw-mounting to side panel and lid
• Left and right hand

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Swing up flap hinges »

• Available in pairs, either sprung both sides or with one side only sprung, allowing for different door panel weights

• Zinc-plated steel

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Kinvaro T-105 flap fitting »

• For top box units
• Allows additional cabinet installation above
• Spring-assisted action for easy opening
• For flap wight: 1.1 to 8.6 kg
Priced each left or right hand

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Kinvaro T-65 flap fitting »

• For flap wight: 0.7 to 8.5 kg
- For flap width: 450-1000 mm
- For flap height: 283-450 mm
• Intergrated, adjustable damped action gives quiet, gentle closing

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Lift up fitting for Appliances »

• For lifting door panels used on tall units to cover built-in electrical appliances such as microwaves and grills

500mm. 372.52.701/ 600 372.52.700 800mm 372.60.903/ 900 372.60.904 1000mm 372.60.905


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Kinvaro T-70 flap fitting »

• Variable opening angle, holds the flap securely at any opening position from 45º to 100º or 110º

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Kinvaro F-20 folding flap fitting »

• Set includes 1 pair galvanised steel fitting with pre-mounted Euro screws, galvanised steel hinges, white aluminium RAL 9006 plastic cover caps and fitting instructions

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Kinvaro S-35 lift-up flap fitting »

• Spring-assisted action for easy opening
• For flap weight: 1.5 to 16.0 kg
- For flap width: 600-1000 mm
- For flap height: 450-715 mm
- For flap thickness: 18 mm
• With 3-way flap adjustmant ± 1.5 mm

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