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Bar handles Anodised aluminium »

Bar handle, Lengths 156mm - 665mm

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Dimple Effect Bow Handle »

Length 126 mm and 158 mm nickel finish polished chrome finish stainless steel effect finish 101.69.601

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Dimple Effect cupboard knob 33mm »

Polished chrome finish 135.48.202

Matt nickel finish knob 135.48.402

Stainless steel finish 135.48.002

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Dimple Oval Knob 43mm dia »

Dimple Oval Knob 43mm dia

Polish Chrome 138.08.200

Matt Nickel finish 135.23.600

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Bar handle, »

Length 134 mm

Hole centres 96mm

Polished brass 112.19.802

Polished chrome finish 122.19.202

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Bar handle, Brushed stainless steel »

Brushed stainless steel bar with satin brushed zinc alloy feet 

158mm to 478 length

108.64.001 to 108.64.008

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S handle »

Stainless steel effect S handle

Matt nickel finish S handle

138mm length

96mm hole centres 


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D handle »

Matt nickel finish

Bronzed and brushed finish

130mm length

96mm hole centres

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Pull handle 104 mm length »

Brushed nickel finish pull handle


length 104mm

64mm hole centres

Screws supplied

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Square wooden knob »

70mm Square Knob

32mm hole centres

Uunfinished oak


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Wooden Knob, 54mm dia »

Unfinished oak knob
Unfinished beech knob
Stained oak, antique oak finish
Unfinished or stained and lacquered wood


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Knob wood unfinished 44mm »

Unfinished wood knob

44mm dia



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Knob, dia 38 mm and 50mm Ceramic »

Ceramic Knob

White,, Black  30mm dia and 50mm dia 

Magnolia 30mm dia





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Bow handle »

Bow Handle , Zinc Alloy

 Length 155 mm 

 Hole centres 128mm


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Bow handle Contemporary »

192mm length

128mm hole centres

Shiny nickel finish

Polished chrome finish

Aluminium coloured finish

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Antique Pull Handle »

Antique brass finish

Antique pewter finish

 Length 133 mm

96mm hole centres

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Latch design d handle »

Antique brass finish D handle

Antique pewter finish D handle

123mm length 64mm hole centres

screw supplied

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Antique pewter finish iron knob »

cupboard knob 33mm

cupboard knob 39mm

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Antique pewter finish square knob »

Antique pewter finish Square Knob 33mm

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Bow Handle Antique pewter »

Bow handle 155mm length

96mm holes centres

antique pewter


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