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Doors to Size :: Drawer types

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Drawer Front types

  • We make four types of drawer front.
  • On plain styles they will be in effect the same panel.
  • The Primrose Cottage style drawer fronts below show the four types of drawer fronts.


Drawer Front Standard

  • All Styles have a Standard Drawer Front.
  • Standard Drawers with centre patterns have the pattern nearer the top and bottom edge.


Drawer Front Large

  • Large Drawer Fronts have the same rail size and layout as a door.


Drawer Front Grooved

  • Same Profile and with just the vertical Grooves from the centre pattern.
  • The is useful when the pattern get in the way of the handle.
  • We can make a grooved drawer front as small as 50mm high and up to 1200mm high.


Drawer Front Plain

  • The same profile as the style but with no centre pattern.
  • Ideal when the Drawer Front is to small for a pattern or a simple panel is required.
  • Also good for infills.