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Kitchen Door and Panel vinyl colour samples

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Order your free Vinyl Samples

If you'd like to receive up to 4 vinyl samples from us, please fill out the form below...

  • The samples are cut from the vinyl rolls that we make the doors with.
  • Sample sizes are approx 140mm  high x 100mm wide this allows us to send in a first class letter.
  • If you want the Paintable vinyl please order more than one if you want to do some paint testing.
  • The label is on the back of the sample, some times people prefer the colour on the back unfortunately this will not work as a finished surface.
  • The vinyl is made up with several layers and the back layer is a special primed layer for the glue.

Vinyl colour range

All vinyl covered Doors and Panels are 18mm thick

You need to select in the sample dropdown boxes.

Plain Colour vinyls

Matt Colours PT  (Perfect Touch)

High Gloss vinyls

Wood Grain Vinyls

Painted Pine effect  Vinyls

Painted Oak effect vinyls

Innoface matt vinyls

Paintable vinyls

A vinyl finished with a primer finish instead of a colour.

Suitable for all household paints, not recommended for commercial spray paints.