Questions about vinyl doors and panels


Q. What are our hours of business?

Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 8.00am - 5.30pm, Fri 8.00am - 1.30pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Q. What sort of doors do you make?

A. All our doors are made from MDF.

We supply vinyl wrapped MDF on a 18mm board in more than 60 finishes including woodgrains and plain colours. Some are matt and others are High Gloss.

We also make doors in raw MDF in 18mm, 22mm and 25mm for painting. These doors are not primed.

All these are suitable for kitchen units, fitted bedrooms, bathrooms etc.

You can request free vinyl samples approx A5 in size.

These doors are not suitable for room to room internal doors.

Q. When you say any size are there any limits?

A. Yes, I'm afraid so. The machine and process limits the size but we can make any size in between in 1mm steps. We can make a panel from 50mm x 100mm (2 inches x 4 inches) up to 2440mm x 1100mm (96 inches x 44 inches).

Q. How do I order doors and panels?

You can get a price or order on our custom door page.

Angled doors have their own page.

We generally talk about doors but we mean panels that can be doors, drawer fronts, end panels, bath panel etc.

Q. What is the thickness of the doors and panels?

A. Vinly doors are made with 18mm deep rout MDF plus approx 0.5mm of vinly. Total thickness approx 18.5mm. MDF doors are availible in 18mm, 22mm, 25mm

Q. Do you make angled doors and panels for under stairs and other angled areas?

A. Yes, see our measuring guide and pricing guide for angled doors

Q. How do I measure for hinge holes?

A. Please  visit our measuring hinge for holes page for help and images.

 Measuring for hinge holes


Q. How long will my orders take to complete?

A. We aim to complete vinyl door orders in 3 weeks and plain MDF door orders in 2 weeks.
We will contact you before dispatch.

Q. How many styles do you offer?

A. In vinyl, we have more than 39 styles and 57 finishes giving you over 2,180 combinations. In raw MDF you can choose all of the style we produce in vinyl plus a couple more. We are adding to this all the time. If you paint the doors yourself or have some painted doors the colour range runs into the tens of thousands.

Q. Can kitchen units or carcasses be made into special sizes?

A. I'm afraid we no longer make carcasses. CJ Kitchens of Bluntisham can make bespoke cabinets.

Q. Can I have a single door or panel?

A. Yes you can.

Q. Can you deliver?

A. Yes, the price depends on order value, distance etc. We try very hard to keep this cost to a minimum while ensuring you receive your goods in the best of condition.

Q. Can I collect?

A. Yes you can.
You have the option to remove the shipping charge after you have logged in if you wish to collect. If at a later date you find you need your goods delivered we can arranged, you can make a payment over the phone.

Q. Am I able to visit the factory and view doors and Panels?

A. Yes! Please come and see our doors and panels. The opening hours are at the bottom of the page.

Q. What is the difference between a door or a panel or a drawer front?

A. There is no real difference in the structure of the panels but the use will dictate the design layout of the panels. All types of vinyl panels are made with the same 18 mm board.

Q. What about durability and colour fade?

A. We mostly use Renolit or LG vacuum vinyls which are of the highest quality.

Q. Can you match existing doors or panels?

A. This can be hit and miss. We can very often make a near match that keeps to a reasonable budget - an exact match can become very expensive. The most difficult doors to match are Solid wood doors, these are usually oak and are constructed with different machines and cutters to us. The other problem is colour matching. We can send you free vinyl samples to check before ordering.

Q. I need to replace a solid wooden door with a wooden door can you help?

A. I'm afraid not, your best bet is a local joinery shop. Colour matching can be very difficult if a good match is required and may require a skilled polisher or sprayer.

Q. I have the product  make and range can you supply from that?

A. I'm afraid not their are too many ranges for us to keep a track on. Send some images , a clear face on image and some of profile/profile detail is very useful.

Q. Can you recover damaged or blown vinyl Kitchen doors?

A. Resurfacing old doors usually require more work than making doors with new board but it can some times be done. If you have a lump missing from the substrate (MDF) it's unlikely anything can be done. If the vinyl delaminates or blows the door might be repairable.

The main problems with relaminating doors is the vinyl presses with 180 tonnes of pressure and any blemishes or defects are accentuated.

Another problem is if you have an unusual pattern and it gets dropped or damaged by the press process we would have no way of replacing the panel.  

The first thing to do is to it to check that the vinyl colour/woodgrain is available.  

Our conclusion is that repressing a vinyl kitchen door is a last resort for complex door patterns that are no longer avaliable. Even with good preperation we would not expect get above a 50% success rate.

Q. Can we fill any pits or blemishes on old doors before recovering?

A. Because vinyl pressing requires heat, any filler used tends to shrink or expand creating more pits or bumps. This usually results in a lot of work and then disappointment.

Q. Why can't you supply Oslo Kitchen doors and Drawer fronts in vinyl?

A. The vinyl will not stretch into the handle area when being pressed.

Pressing Oslo type  doors requires specialist plant that we don't have .

Q. Do your prices on the website include VAT?

A. Yes! all our products in the doors2size website include VAT and when you go to the basket you also get the shipping charge.

Q. Are Shaker style Doors and Panels with different rail sizes possible?

A. We can make shaker doors with any size rails.

Q. What are foil wrapped doors and panels?

A. Our doors and panels are heated and wrapped with a vinyl foil under high pressure. The terms 'foil wrapped' or 'vinyl wrapped' mean the same.

Q. How heavy are the doors ?

A. 18mm Doors are approx 13 kilos per square metre.