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Measuring hinge holes

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Corner Door tips

Pie Cut Hinge back view


 Concealed Cup Hinge, 155° Standard Pie Cut Corner made by Glass of Austria.

Hafele part No 322.31.610

Basically the hinge cup hole centre is drilled 10mm from the edge.

Other makes do have different hole centres from the edge. 

Pie cut hinge hole detail


Corner door layout with concealed pie cut hinge

 Size of doors for corner units

The height of corner doors are the same as normal units.

The door width should be 25mm narrower than the corner cut out.

We recommend that you order a corner door with four hinge holes and another corner door with no hinge holes



 Tech sheet for Concealed Cup Hinge, 155° Standard Pie Cut Corner

We can drill holes for other pie cut hinges but would need the hinge locations from the edge.


Pie cut hinge tech sheet


Corner doors showing internal flat edges

 Top view of a pair of corner doors

Note the doors have flat edges where they meet
It's most helpful if you can order corner doors if you want the pie cut hinge hole drilled even if the doors have a square edged profile.

Single Cathedral   Corner Door Left  Corner Door One flat Edge Left



Single Cathedral   Corner Door RightCorner Door One flat Edge Right