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CNC Routing Service

In addition to making doors and panels we offer a cnc routing service. We have 3 cnc routers we more at our sister site

CNC Routing Projects

A major part of our business is making bespoke doors and panels so don't let these project put you off ordering single doors etc.

Birch Plywood Tree Seat

  • Cut from 24mm birch plywood
  • Sheet sizes 10' x 5'
  • 3050 mm x 1525 mm
  • Concept model
  • Client supplied CAD files
  • The base acts as a counter balance

External Wall in Hallam, Sheffield

  • Originally designed by Christopher Tipping in Photoshop then exported to us in Illustrator. We then converted to make the design machine ready
  • At 13.5 metres high and 16.4 metres wide, this is our largest engraved piece to date
  • 86 individually engraved sheets of Rockpanel
  • Over 13 Kilometres of machining
  • 2013 Sheffield

Ernesto Neto, Hayward Gallery

  • Part of an art installation by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto at the Hayward gallery 2010
  • We had to make a set of steps that could stand in water for 3 months so we chose 25mm Pespex. Each section is cut from a single sheet. All the steps are interlocking and self supporting
  • 26 sheets of 10' x 5' plywood went into the Seated Temple
  • A tunnel of stocking covered plywood interlocking bones forms part of the walk through section of Ernesto Netos Hayward Exhibition 2010
  • A lot of the shapes and panels we cut are simple shapes like curves and circles