Our made to measure doors and panels are suitable for standard, fitted or built in units,
ideal for Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Alcoves, Under Stairs, and any awkward spaces

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Bespoke Kitchen Door Styles and Panel Layouts

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Bespoke Door Styles

Manor Style six panel door made to any size 18mm, 22mm or 25mm on plain MDF or 18mm in vinyl covered.

Multi pattern doors

  • We can make Shaker and Manor Doors with multiple panels.
  • As long as their is room for the pattern we can make any size.
  • We would need simple sketches of the layout with rail widths etc.
  • Sample layouts below.
  • The sample shown is a Manor with six panels we can also make four panel or two panel doors.
  • Single pattern or 40-60 Split doors are standard and can be ordered from the Price/Buy Doors page
  • We can also make Shaker and Manor Doors with different rail widths.

Grooved Cupboard door

Grooved doors any size

  • This is a variation of our Cottage doors using the same 10mm half round cutter giving giving you 10mm wide grooves 5mm deep.
  • We can spread the groove out to any spacing wanted.
  • Ideal for matching with Howdens Dardogne internal door or Magnets Mexicana internal door.
  • Please email a sketch if you want this type.

Here are some sample sketches for the  Shaker Style Plain or Manor Style, most of our Door styles can be adjusted in the same way if required.

We regard different sized doors as a standard product.

The Pattern width of the Manor Door is approx 47mm wide.

Bath PanelVee grooved doors and grooved end panelPeninsula back panel made as one panel Manor style