Our made to measure doors and panels are suitable for standard, fitted or built in units,
ideal for Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Alcoves, Under Stairs, and any awkward spaces

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MDF doors and MDF Panels ideal for painting

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MDF Doors & Panels

MDF doors and panels for kitchens, wardrobes, cupboards and bathrooms. Made to any size.

MDF doors and MDF panels are extremely versatile and, because we manufacture all our doors and panels in-house we can offer made-to-measure solutions.

These are made from 18mm MDF, and 22mm MDF in all our styles of doors.

Price or order your doors and panels online.

We use moisture resistant MDF which is an ideal material for moisture rich environments making it the perfect choice for replacement kitchen doors and bathroom cupboard doors. MR MDF also has better qualities for paint finishes than standard MDF ensuring the product looks great and you can use any paint finish you like.

And don't forget, you can make the finishing touches with our range of kitchen cupboard handles and cupboard knobs, all can be used for bathrooms and bedrooms too.

Whether it's MDF kitchen doors, wardrobe doors, cupboard doors or bathroom doors, they'll look great and give you years of service.

To give you some idea of what you can do with MDF doors and panels, we've given you some examples below to demonstrate how flexible this material is. If however you can't find what you are looking for please contact us or, if you are local to Huntingdon, why not pop in and see us? We are close to the A1 and A14 so we're easy to get to from Cambridge and Peterborough too.

If you want to get a price don't forget you can use our online quotation system. Simply enter in your dimensions and get a price.

manor-style-door_plain-mdf.jpgMDF Kitchen Door

  • Manor House MDF Kitchen door with rounded edges.
  • We can supply these doors with rounded or flat square edges.
  • If you are fitting the door into the hole we recommend square edge as you can sand or trim with no damage to the design.
  • All it needs is a coat of paint and it'll be ready! (MDF painting tips)*

manor-house-60-40-split-bedroom-doors.jpgMDF Wardrobe Doors

Manorhouse MDF wardrobe doors with 60 / 40 split.

These can be finished in any paint finish and you could use two colours to enhance the look and make the panels stand out. (MDF painting tips)*

Like all our doors, we can make these to any size. Our wardrobe doors page has more information.

We can make them with a single pattern or with two patterns side by side if there is enough room. Contact us if you are interested in these, with a sketch if possible.

Approximate size 1759 mm x 400 mm.


Integrated handles for MDF doors

This is an example of an integrated handle Oslo style door. It's a great solution if you want a very slick, clean look without handles on any door or drawer fronts. It also overcomes that tricky problem of having to choose door handles!

We only make these in in 22mm MDF and are unable to wrap in vinyl so a painted finish will be required. (MDF painting tips)*

If you are interested in this design please email sizes 

Supplied unfinished mr MDF only


Shaker MDF Kitchen Door

The shaker kitchen door is always popular and this shows a detailed image of a square edged MDF shaker Kitchen door and drawer front. (MDF painting tips)*

The centre panel is routed with a 4.7mm cutter giving 2.35mm internal radius. Other options are available - see our styles page.

Our standard range of Shaker doors have 65mm rails. We can also make shaker doors with rails of any width.

longleat-style-door-mdf.jpgTips for Painting MDF Kitchen doors

Before you prime, give the doors a good sand using a flat sander or a cork sanding block on any flat areas, as this will knock any high points off. 150 grit paper is good for this.

When you prime the MDF doors, make sure you paint the front and back in one session. If you paint one side and leave the other too long the door may bow due to uneven moisture content. Prime with a water based quick dry acrylic primer, then you can use any Farrow and Ball or Dulux colours.

After your first coat of primer a lot of fibres will expand. This is natural due to the wood fibres expanding when wet.

More sanding I'm afraid! This is the key stage - a good sanding will give you a better final finish.

You will need a second coat of primer and sometimes a third coat, sanded in between.

You are now ready for your top coat. You may get away with one but could need two coats.

You should now have a fantastic looking MDF kitchen door!


MDF panels and Angled Panels

How often do you look at that space under the stairs and think it would be a good idea to turn it into a cupboard? MDF panels make that option very easy to achieve and cost effective too. Because we make all our MDF panels in-house, we can make any size including angled panels. We can also make MDF angled doors to match if required.

This example is machined in MR MDF and ready for painting. Moisture resistant MDF (MR MDF) has better qualities for paint finishes than standard MDF. The core is denser and the faces are flatter giving a smooth finish. (MDF painting tips)*

MR MDF is usually dyed green for identification purposes only, this can be a very light tint to a very dark green depending on the manufacturer. So don't worry if it's green when it arrives!

One big advantage of using raw MDF is the option of trimming the doors and panels on site, particularly important for angled panels.


MDF Angled Doors

This is an example of a Milano style MDF door - angled, cut out and recessed for glass or mirror. Great for a bedroom wardrobe door or feature cupboard door and they can be used with vinyls so your colour and finish options are huge.

Standard rebate size is 10mm x 10mm.

If you want angled doors we will need to know the left and right height plus the width. Contact us if you have specific requirements or want to discuss your angled door requirements in depth. A simple sketch with dimensions and hinge hole locations is very helpful to us.


MDF Cupboard Doors

We made these curved top Manor style MDF cupboard doors to fit into a fire place recess.

This really demonstrates that because we make all our cupboard doors, we can be very flexible and custom make a solution just for you.


Decorative MDF panels and doors

This is a fantastic example of the stunning decorative effects we can achieve with MDF panels. Just imagine how stunning an end panel would look on a wardrobe, cupboard or even on a wall.

These panels show a decorative floral pattern that was machined onto a pair of doors for a restaurant.

We can machine complex panels and doors but only from customer supplied designs. We can take CAD files in various formats including DWG, DXF and vector files created by Illustrator and CorelDraw so if you have something in mind contact us to discuss it.

Creating good designs can take time and so the lead time for these projects is a lot longer.

The final pattern detail will be limited by the size of the router cutter. 4.7mm diameter is usually the minimium size we can achieve.

triple-shaker.jpgImage check Alex