Our made to measure doors and panels are suitable for standard, fitted or built in units,
ideal for Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Alcoves, Under Stairs, and any awkward spaces

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Panel types

  • This is an overview of all the panel types we make.
  • Some of the panels like the Standard Door, Top Box and Appliance Front are the same but given their own panel type to make orders more logical and easier to manage.
  • Other panels like the 40-60 Split Door are not available with all styles. For example the 3mm Pencil Round style has no centre pattern to split.(See exceptions)*
  • Some of the styles do not work on the angled Doors.
  • Our aim is to show you as many panel types and sizes as possible to give you a clear idea of what to expect.



  • This is our the basic layout for all of our styles.
  • The Door is our basic design and layout for each style that the other panels are designed around.

Appliance fronts style  Primrose Cottage

Appliance Front

  • For integrated Dishwasher, Fridge, Freezer, Tumble Dryer and Washing Machines.
  • Same as a door but we like these to be selected as any hinge holes will probably be different to your doors.

Tall-1800-x-496-longleat.jpgTall Door

  • Ideal for tall Kitchen carcasses, Bedrooms wardrobes, Built in Cupboards.
  • Tall Doors are the same configuration as Standard doors.




Full Length Door 40-60 Split

  • Almost any Style with a pattern on the face can be split into two parts.
  • Styles like the Empoli and Lazio can not be split.(See exceptions)*


Angled Door

  • Available in most styles.
  • Ideal for fitting doors under stairs or in lofts.
  • We are to make complete sets of doors.

Frame for Glass Door style Caroline

Glass Framed Doors

  • We supply the frame only.
  • You can get the glass or mirror glass from your local glass merchant. They will usually fit the glass or mirror.
  • The Back of the doors have a rebate the glass or mirror.

Top Box Shaker 5 Panel-10mm-rounded

Top Box

  • The same as a Standard Door.
  • We like these to be selected if the hinge holes in the top of the door.

Corner door for corner cabinets style Lorna

Corner Door Left

  • Needed for corner carcasses if you need the panels drilled or have a style with a shaped profile.
  • This corner door left has a flat edge on the right side that goes into the corner of the cabinet. This avoids a large unsightly gap in the corner where the doors meet.
  • It's important to order a left and a right hand door as the hinge holes will hand them.


Corner Door Right

  • Needed for corner carcasses if you need the panels drilled or have a style with a shaped profile.
  • This corner door Right has a flat edge on the left side that goes into the corner of the cabinet. This avoids a large unsightly gap in the corner where the doors meet.
  • It's important to order a corner door right and a corner door left as the hinge holes will hand them.

Drawer Fronts

We have up to four types of Drawer Fronts to choose.

Not all styles require four type of drawer front but some do.


Drawer Front Standard

  • All Styles have a Standard Drawer Front.
  • Standard Drawers with centre patterns have the pattern nearer the top and bottom edge.


Drawer Front Large

  • Large Drawer Fronts have the same layout as a door.


Drawer Front Grooved

  • Same Profile and just the vertical Grooves from the centre pattern.
  • The is useful when the pattern get in the way of the handle.
  • We can make a grooved drawer front as small as 50mm high and up to 1200mm high.


Drawer Front Plain

  • The same profile as the style but with no centre pattern.
  • Ideal when the Drawer Front is to small for a pattern or a simple panel is required.
  • Also good for infills.



End Panels And Fascia Panels

  • We can make End Panels with same profile as the doors, ideal for wall units or End Panels with a square edge.
  • Fascia Panel also come small or standard.
  • The Small Fascia panels have the same layout as the Drawer Front and the Standard Fascia has the same layout as a Standard Door.


Fascia Panel Standard

  • Fascia Panels have the same profile as the Door.
  • Pattern Layout is the same as Standard Doors


Fascia Small

  • Small Fascia panels have the same layout as drawer fronts.


End Panel Standard

  • Same as a door layout.


Square Edged End Panel

  • Same layout as a door or standard end panel with square edges.

Bath Panels

We have three basic type of Bath Panels small, medium and large, we have done this because many of the styles can have single, double, or triple centre patterns.

If the style is plain or the three types are the same, we have included them to make the type slider on the custom door page run smoothly.



Bath Panel Small

  • Small Bath Panel can be made to any size with only one centre pattern.



        Bath Panel Medium

  • On most styles, the pattern will be duplicated two times across the panel.



Bath Panel Large

  • On most styles, the pattern will be duplicated three times across the panel.



Bath Panel variations


All Bath Panels are available with a rebate and flat ends


Bath Rebate

  • Rebates on bath panels are 9mm x 9mm.
  • You do not include the rebate in the height.


Flat Ended Bath Panels

  • Flat Ended Bath Panels are available on the left and right and also both ends.
  • Sample shown is a Bath Panel Small Flat Left.


Rebated Bath Panel with flat end

  • We make Bath Panel with either a flat end on the left, right and both ends.
  • Sample shows a detail of Bath Panel Small Rebated Flat Right

Worktops - Shelves

  • Good for light duty bedroom worktops and shelves.
  • Ok for bathroom tops and shelves but not suitable to mount sinks on.


Shelf-Worktop Profile Front

  • Profiled front only.
  • The profiled edge will be the same radius as the pattern or style.


Shelf-Worktop Profile Front and Left

  • Profiled on the left and front with a 10mm radius on the corner.
  • The profiled edges will be the same radius as the pattern or style.


Shelf-Worktop Profile Front and Right

  • Profiled on the right and front with a 10mm radius on the corner
  • The profiled edges will be the same radius as the pattern or style.


Shelf-Worktop Profile Front and Both Sides

  • Profiled on the right, left and front with a 10mm radius on both corners.
    • The profiled edges will be the same radius as the pattern or style.

Kickboards and Corner Posts



Kick Boards

  • Kick boards to any size.
  • 18mm thick.
  • Ideal for small areas or where you need the kickboard to be covered on both ends
  • Standard Kickboard from the Accessories pages are cheaper.
  • Kickboards are are wrapped (covered) on the front and all four sides.
  • Some times called plinths.
  • These are usually saw cut so the long edges are not as well finished as infills.


Corner Posts

  • Supplied in two parts.
  • Supplied in 18mm vinyl or 18mm, 22mm and 25mm Plain MDF for painting.
  • To order you add the two out side measurements together then we cut into two parts.
  • If you want a corner post 50mm x 50mm post by 720mm tall you would order Height 720 x 100 Width then we would split this panel to 50mm and 32mm strips.