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Manor Square Edge

Ideal for Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and built in Cupboards

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  • Manor Square Edge Style Doors are custom made to size
  • Available in all Vinyl finishes 18mm thick or 18mm, 22mm & 25mm in plain mr MDF unpainted.

Section Detail

Detail of the Manor Square Edge Door

Square edged profile 18mm thick pattern starts 65mm from edge

Manor Square Edge Style Drawer Fronts

We have three types of drawer front for this style

  • The pattern starts 65mm from either edge and 35mm from the top and bottom of the drawer front.
  •  The Large Drawer Front has the same pattern starting as the doors and starts 65mm from the edge.
  • We also include a plain panel with the same profile for convenience, this is useful for smaller drawers or infills.


End Panels Fascia Panels corner Posts and Kickboards


Bath Panels

  • All bath panels can be made from 250mm up to 2400mm wide and 250mm up to 1000mm high
  • All our bath panels are custom made to your sizes with or without a rebate
  • The rebate is not included in the height

Worktop and Shelves

  • Work tops and shelves are 18mm thick
  • They are suitable for light use only
  • These panels have a white melamine back 

Customer images of Hand Painted Bathroom