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Bath Panels made to measure

We have 39 Styles.

We have three basic type of Bath Panels small, medium and large, we have done this because many of the styles can have single, double, or triple centre patterns.

All of our Bath Panels are machined from 18mm deep rout MDF for vinyl wrapping or 18mm, 22mm and 25mm MDF for painting.

All of our Bath Panels are flat.


Bath Panel Small

  • Small bath panels have the same range  of sizes as medium or large bath panels.
  • Small Bath Panel can be made to any size with only one centre pattern.


Bath Panel Medium



Bath Panel Large

  • Large panels can go up to any practical size but are limited to the minimum size because of the space needed to fit the three centre panels.
  • Plain Bath Panels with out centre patterns can be ordered, they are the same as small and medium Bath Panels,  we have offer these to make the custom selection slider work on the pricing page work smoothly.

All Bath Panels are available with or without a rebate and or flat ends.


Bath Rebate

  • Rebates on bath panels are 9mm x 9mm.
  • You do not include the rebate in the height.


Rebated Bath Panel with flat end

  • We make Bath Panel with either a flat end on the left, right and both ends.
  • Sample shows a detail of Bath Panel Small Rebated Flat Right
  • This image shows a flat ended right Bath Panel with rebate.
  • The Rebate in not included in the height.


Flat Ended Bath Panels Left

  • Flat Ended Bath Panels are available on the left and right and also both ends.
  • Sample shown is a Bath Panel Small Flat Left.