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Angled Doors and Under Stair Doors - A Guide to Measuring

Under stair doors can be a great way to create a new storage area or tidy up the under stairs area. And it's not just for under the stairs, angled doors and panels can also be used in loft areas or anywhere where there is a difficult angled space.

At Doors2size we make all our angled doors and under stair doors at our factory in Huntingdon so you can have them made to fit exactly. We can also supply all the necessary accessories including hinges and door handles or knobs.

All we need you to do is to measure up which is why we have created this guide to help you through the process. Once you've measured up check out our online quotation form to get prices for angled doors and panels and under-stair doors and panels. Then you can simply order online.

Measurement of Angled Doors - Single Door Layout

  • Single angled doors only require the left and right heights plus the width
  • The angle of the slope is not required
  • A simple sketch is very helpful


Measurement of Multiple Angled Doors and Under Stair Doors

  • Mulitple under stair doors are a great way to increase the accessibility of your understairs area thus enabling you to use more of the space effectively
  • We only need the outside height measurements plus the door widths and gap widths
  • The gaps between the doors are really important if you get these wrong you will loose the smooth slope and end up with staggered door tops


Under Stair Doors - An Example

Mixed style Lazio grooves and Contemporary profile, vinyl White Ash.

To save door opening space each pair of doors is hinged with piano hinge, this also spreads the weight on the doors.


Customer supplied image with permission

If you are interested in purchasing under stairs doors or angled doors we have a large range of styles and colours available and you can order free samples or, if you are in the Huntingdon area you can pop in. Our showroom is conveniently located near to the A1 and A14 so within easy reach of Peterborough and Cambridge and we'd be happy to see you and answer any questions. Alternatively you can call us on 01480 432700 or complete the contact us form and we will happily answer any questions you may have.